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What is HR Outsourcing?

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What is HR Outsourcing?

HR Outsourcing ( HRO) is a process in which the company sub contracts all functionalities related to HR to an Outside supplier.

HR Outsourcing is especially more beneficial in places like the UAE & other Middle East Countries where Visa process is also involved in hiring an individual. Outsourcing HR helps you to focus on your business instead of being caught up with the mundane procedures that are both time consuming and can get complicated at times. A major reason many large organization goes for HR Outsourcing is due to its various benefits listed below.

Reasons for HR Outsourcing?

1) Quota Restriction ( A Major Reason to Outsource HR)

Quota Restrictions are common in UAE, and there is a fixed amount of employees that a company can hire based on factors such as size of office, license types etc. This can at times become a obstacle for companies that need additional employees for peak times or require a large outdoor sales team to drive their business. Thankfully with HR Outsourcing a company has no limits to how many employees they can obtain from the Outsourcing Company

2) Flexibility with time

Need an employee for a short duration? Well then hiring someone and doing all the visa procedures and then terminating them when your done is a huge problem. The hiring process takes time, loss of money with providing for Visa and other benefits when your not going to use them for the full duration of the Visa period. HR Outsourcing is a big win in this situations you can get someone right away and then sign a short term contract and you get exactly what you need without any hassles and loss.

3) Mobility of your staff

It easy for you to move your staff around to other branches or sister companies and all you need to do is make a contract from that company and there is no hassle of transferring the visa all over again. This is a huge benefit if you have companies all over UAE like Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, RAK etc and especially if there are sister companies and you want to place your staff for a few months in that company you don’t have to worry about whose Visa the employee is on as all you need is a contract from the Outsourcing Company.

4) HR Management & Payroll

Managing the HR is a huge function in a company from dealing with payrolls, terminations, hiring, Visa procedures and all these require a team, however when you use an HR Outsourcing company like Legacy Smart all these procedures are taken care of by the HR Outsourcing company and you can just focus on your business while they handle all HR Functions saving you the need to have a dedicated HR Team in your company.

5) No Procedural Headaches

We all know though the procedures seem to be relatively simple sometimes there are hiccups when hiring or terminating someone and then it takes a whole load of time and energy to sort out issue. With a dedicated team of professional the HR Outsourcing company takes complete care of all such problem if any arise and all you need to do is do your work and not let any HR problems bother you since you have a team working around the clock to fix them for you.

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