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Payroll Processing (Outsource your payroll)

Payroll Processing is one of the core functions of HR. The challenges can be many and this is where we make your life much easier. With our payroll processing service and smart HRMS system we will handle the whole payroll processing and ensure timely payment of salaries. Our experienced team can handle even the most complex issues and provide the best payroll management in the market.

Payroll management is crucial to the happiness and productivity of the employees. Delays and other issues can make it a challenge to keep your employee satisfied. Our flexible payment options enables you to ensure the salary is disbursed at the exact dates. We comply with all UAE Labor laws and keep quality as our mission.

For companies intensely engaged in developing or marketing their own product or service, for manufacturing companies focused on production and MNCs employing hundreds of team members, it is ideal to hive off the processing of payroll to a partner they can trust.

Payroll processing

We manage your payroll, generate pay slips, take care of compliance including attendance & efficiency monitoring and ensure that employees are paid on time for the service they render.

Payroll Processing / Management has been made easy as we are constantly working smart – with state-of-the art HRMS
Conventional HR has had its day. Smart is the new way. Inspired by a nation that is part of the new age, we have established Legacy Smart as a cutting-edge HR services company equipped with state of the art systems and software. Highlights of our HRMS include:

• Custom-built, robust HR Management System for smarter access to data.
• Automated tracking of service delivery and order fulfilment
• Real-time access for employees and client HR / Accounts teams
• Interactive platform for employee feedback and assistance.

Such is the power of our HRMS, it takes us closer to our greatest goal – customer delight.