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IT Outsourcing / Staffing

IT Outsourcing / IT Recruitment is becoming an integral part in all companies as IT is a core aspect. Firstly, The Information technology industry in the UAE is reaching sky high as a result of Smart City initiatives in every Emirate. Secondly, the oncoming of Expo 2020, and the growth of tech enterprises that deploy Artificial Intelligence in the ecosystem is another important factor. Therefore, IT Outsourcing has become an important part for many organizations so that they can meet the demand. One way of doing this is by hiring skilled IT personnel for either short or long term projects in the UAE and other parts of the middle east.

As tech companies aim for their place in the desert sun the nano-tech and fintech freshers strive to make a mark. As a result, legacy companies migrate to cloud computing and it has become imperative for all players to bring on board the best of talent. Certainly,  Legacy Smart has become an early mover in this niche space.

Our IT Recruitment Process

Our tech expert outsourcing vertical is managed by domain experts. They are professionals who have served in core functions in large Tech-driven corporates. They are focused on recruiting the best and the brightest. Above all, they have a clear mandate to:

Map the market and make a regular assessment of skills required.
Source IT professionals from the world over and recruit them on our rolls.
Provide orientation on the UAE work culture and provide skills training.
Outsource market-ready professionals to IT projects at client sites.


Answer to Attrition

As per industry estimates, the technology industry in the UAE has a high attrition rate of over 12 percent. Hence, it makes sense to on-board staff on contract, which in turn enables project continuity and on time completion.

As a result, We outsource professionals for the following
technologies and skillsets:

IoT Solutions
AI-based Solutions
.Net Developer

IT Helpdesk
IT Security
Data Scientist
Business Intelligence
Application Developers


In conclusion, a very common practice in IT Outsourcing these days is the demand for temporary staff . Consequently there is always a need for those who can fill in the role for short term projects.

Certainly, There is a steady growth in demand for tech-savvy professionals.