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Legacy Emirates Group

About Legacy Emirates Group

Legacy Emirates Group has been in business since 2005 in the UAE. The Management and Execution team at Legacy Emirates Group has over 100 years of cumulative experience in Services. At the group level, the Legacy Emirates Group and has been investing and building a broad spectrum of businessses in the Services segment.

Legacy Smart Employment Services

Legacy Smart Employment Services started operations in 2015. The Corporate Objective and Focus of Legacy Smart is to become a pioneer in Training backed Outsourcing & Recruitment Services in the UAE and continually add Value Add services to bring about a paradigm shift in the services sector.

Legacy Smart Financial Services

The Group has been in the DSA business since 2017 starting with Legacy Marketing which was later spun off into a JV. Apart from that LSES has been providing HR outsourced staff to a number of active DSAs in the market. In 2021, the Group has launched this dedicated DSA entity and has fully operational DSA business with:

CBD – NTB Accounts, Cards & Loans
MASHREQ – Cards & Loans
DEEM – Cards

The focus is to launch Banqmart( as the enabling digital platform in partnership with Sagar & Sagar Group. Already Banqmart is digitally operational with Mashreq bank and will be onboarding other banks in the coming weeks.

Azara Capital

Our strong domain knowledge and expertise across various sectors enables us to provide suitable structuring and market specific business guidance. Our vast network of  institutional relationships and global alliances  enables us to source the right partners particularly in the South Asia-Middle East-Africa region corridor.

MHG Healthcare

MHG Health Care offers a variety of treatments for some of the most common conditions – all personalized to your body and its needs using proprietary natural formulations. Whether its men’s health, immunotherapy or you just want to start improving your overall health, there are plenty of options from our healing treatments.

Legacy Art

Legacy Marketing & Artistic Events DMCC provides a complete bouquet of services including researching, procuring and commissioning of artworks as well as exhibitions & events. Legacy’s objective is to cater to increasing demand for art from corporates and art lovers and has a portfolio of over 500 artworks in stock.