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Khaleej Times Featured Article on Legacy Smart Employment Services

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The company has a technological edge that serves both corporate clients and individual candidates in an extremely user-friendly manner

Amena Baig is the CEO and Partner of Legacy Smart Employment Services. A casual browse through the comments posted on Amena’s LinkedIn profile reveals that she is regarded as highly motivated and goal-oriented, an active relationship manager and a great mentor. What is striking about Amena, however, is the prolific outpouring of personal attributes that one is met with. She is acknowledged as being gentle and kind, and having excellent listening qualities, an empathetic approach, and a genuine heart.

Under her leadership, Legacy takes great pride in its fundamental strategy of offering exceptional client-centered service and delivering simple, yet out of the box solutions, plus nurturing a unique candidate-centered approach. With over two decades of regional entrepreneurial HR success under her belt, Amena has honed her skill-set to do what it takes to help both clients and candidates find each other, and is quite rightly referred to as “Queen of HR outsourcing.”

Legacy Smart Employment Services started operations in 2015. Amena joined the company in 2018, and she is grateful and excited about the alliance with Achal Ghai. “With my past experience of running an HR company that started from scratch and evolved into a multi-million-dollar organisation, coupled with Ghai’s diverse experience and extensive network, and the additional expansive prowess of our COO Maqbool Khan, who has over 25 years of incomparable HR outsourcing expertise, we are set to take Legacy Smart to the next level. Together we make a great team and are very excited for the company’s future growth into what we envision will bring a paradigm shift in this service sector,” says the CEO.

Besides, Fame Legacy DMCC offers comprehensive tax compliance and training solutions since the introduction of VAT. The group also has a huge presence since 2006 in joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions with Azara Capital, and Legacy Marketing & Artistic Events that cater to the increasing demand for art from corporates and art collectors.

According to her, there are two factors that give her company a competitive edge. “The first of these is embedded in our name – Legacy Smart. Our systems are really good, perhaps far beyond others in the industry. We have a technological edge that serves both corporate clients and individual candidates in an extremely user-friendly and efficient manner, at a click of a button. Everything we do is smartly achieved,” she explains.

She adds that the second edge that she is proud to have is that, without stating the obvious, “We offer service and we deliver service. Clients have the surety that they will get what is agreed upon in a transparent, efficient, simple, and clean solution. In all my years in the industry, I have realised that not everyone’s talk can match the walk – but we genuinely have a service-oriented and can-do focus, and my aim is to find the right solution at the right time for the right need.”

The Expo 2020 is around the corner. How does the CEO foresee an impact on business? Amena replies, “Over 300,000 jobs are expected to be created in supply chain, procurement, ICT, construction, logistics, marketing, and finance, as well in the wider economy, many of which would be contracted staffing roles for temporary positions in diverse verticals. As an HR professional, I see a great opportunity for us. We have confirmation from one of the country’s pavilions to outsource all their staff with us for the event, and we are very excited about offering our services to several more pavilions. Additionally, I believe Expo 2020 will further establish the UAE as a bold and vibrant country of firsts, stimulate a knowledge economy, and make an outstanding contribution to a sustainable future.”

The UAE job market has been quite volatile for the past few years.  Here are Amena’s plans to cope with this. “At this stage in my career, I believe very strongly in giving back, so I make time for individual candidates through my own network, even if the job hasn’t come from me or even if the candidate cannot fit my needs at that time. There are many redundancies in the market since last year, and I have taken upon myself to try and help deserving professional candidates as much as possible by connecting them with my active contacts in the industry, and my medium is LinkedIn because of its incomparable effectiveness. I have organically grown my followers/ connections to over 130,000 and am working towards a much higher number.”

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