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Dubai - Expo 2020

The clock is ticking… the biggest event ever to be hosted by a Middle East country is hardly a few months away. Infrastructure-related projects entailing an investment of AED 25 billon are underway. Integrated mass transit to reach the Expo site, hotels to house visitors, pavilions to showcase heritage and modernity, technology and innovation, countries and cultures are taking shape every day and in every way.

From a human resource viewpoint, Expo 2020 is the biggest challenge to the HR fraternity. If 25,000,000 visitors are to be greeted over a six-month period, if diverse services from arrival to departure are to be delivered seamlessly by 300,000 professionals, every HR provider in the region must deem it a mission, not just a mandate.

As early as two years ago, Legacy Smart Employment Services embarked on planning and forecasting for recruitment and staffing for the event. A year ago, we have completed our talent mapping – verticals vs. matching resources. Using our global network and local connections, we concurrently built a database of Emirati candidates and expatriates. With preparations for the mega event gaining momentum, our talent pool is being deployed across key verticals.  – construction, real estate, logistics, transportation, hospitality, retail, IT, marketing and more.

If you are a company seeking resources during the run up to the Expo, or for the roll out, you will find us an ideal partner. Use the Legacy Smart headstart to your advantage. Give us a call for your talent needs.


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